Recreational Drone Flying in Singapore: Top Locations and Tips

By Ravi

Calling all drone enthusiasts and hobbyists! Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure in the skies of Singapore? Look no further, because we’ve got all the insider tips and thrilling locations for recreational drone flying. From the picturesque Pandan Reservoir UAFA to the buzzing Radio Modellers Singapore (RMS) field, this blog post is your passport to the most epic drone-flying experiences in Singapore. Buckle up, charge those batteries, and get ready to capture jaw-dropping aerial footage like never before!

Singapore’s Top Recreational Drone Flying Spots: A Hobbyist’s Dream

1) Pandan Reservoir Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area

Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area (UAFA) at Pandan Reservoir

Discover the thrill of flying your UA in a designated area while enjoying the scenic surroundings of Pandan Reservoir.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has established a pilot Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area (UAFA) at Pandan Reservoir. This UAFA serves as a dedicated space for unmanned aircraft (UA) enthusiasts to gather, interact, and engage in safe and responsible recreational UA operations.

Spanning 16 hectares over the reservoir waters, the UAFA offers a spacious flying area for UAs. It is open to the general public, with no entry or usage fees required. Operating hours are from 9am to 6pm. The nearest bus stop (Stop ID: 20121), located opposite Block 51 HDB Teban Gardens, can be accessed conveniently via Buses 30, 78, 78A, and 79.

Address: 11 Penjuru Rd, Singapore 609159

Nearest MRT: Pandan Reservoir MRT Station (JE7)

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2) Radio Modellers Singapore (RMS)

Radio Modellers Singapore Flying Club
Image: Facebook @radiomodellersingapore

Radio Modellers Singapore (RMS) is a renowned community-led flying area in Singapore, bringing together enthusiasts who share a passion for modelling aircraft. The community organizes various social events, including Member’s Evenings, regular Fun-flys, Fly-ins, and Aerobatic Contests, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement.

RMS members have proudly represented Singapore in numerous regional and international aerobatic competitions sanctioned by FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) – The World Air Sports Federation.

Conveniently located just a minute’s walk away from Labrador MRT Station (CC27), the RMS Flying Field offers exceptional amenities. It features a spacious 100 m long and 40 m wide runway, a dedicated helipad, and a sprawling arena for thrilling drone racing activities.

Membership at RMS entails a one-time S$100 administration fee for new sign-ups, with options for full membership and family membership for four priced at $290/year and $340/year, respectively. Additionally, the flying club provides flexible options such as a $30/day day pass and a $145/year student membership, allowing budding hobbyists to explore the club’s impressive 3000 sqft facility suitable for various aircraft types, including drones, helicopters, quadcopters, and fixed-wing UAs.

Address: 1A Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119188

Nearest MRT: Labrador MRT Station (CC27)

Popular DronesWeight
DJI Mini 3 Proless than 249 grams
DJI Mini 3less than 249 grams
DJI Mini 2less than 249 grams
DJI Mini SEless than 249 grams
DJI Telloless than 80 grams
Autel Evo Nano Plus249 grams
Holy Stone HS 710245 grams
Holy Stone HS 510245 grams

Drone Flying for Recreational Purposes: Registration and Permit Requirements

DISCLAIMER: Note that information in this article is for general information purposes only. Readers are advised to read the full and Latest CAAS UA Regulatory Requirement from the official CAAS website.

Registration and permit requirements for Unmanned Aircraft (UA) activities intended for recreational purposes are categorized based on two criteria:

  1. Weight of the UA
  2. Altitude/Zone criteria: The user intends to fly the drone at an altitude not exceeding 200 feet above mean sea level, outside a 5km radius of any civil aerodrome or military airbase, and away from restricted, danger, prohibited, and protected areas.

Weight Criteria Altitude/Zone Criteria Requirement

Weight CriteriaAltitude/Zone Criteria Satisfied?Requirement
250 grams and belowYesNo permits or licenses are required
250 grams and belowNoClass 2 Activity Permit
More than 250 grams, but not exceeding 1.5 kgYesUA registration
More than 250 grams, but not exceeding 1.5 kgNoUA registration and Class 2 Activity Permit
More than 1.5 kg, but not exceeding 7 kgYesUA registration and
CAAS-Approved Basic training (UABTO)
More than 1.5 kg, but not exceeding 7 kgNoUA registration, Class 2 Activity Permit, and CAAS-Approved Basic training (UABTO)
More than 7 kg, but not exceeding 25 kgYesUA registration and UA Pilot Licence (UAPL)
More than 7 kg, but not exceeding 25 kgNoUA registration, Class 2 Activity Permit,
and UA Pilot Licence (UAPL)
More than 25 kgYes or NoUA registration, Operator permit,
Class 1 Activity Permit, and
UA Pilot Licence (UAPL)

Step 1: UA Registration

Starting from April 2, 2020, all unmanned aircraft (UA) weighing over 250 grams, including radio-controlled aircraft, drones, and remote-controlled kites, must be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) before operating in Singapore. If you fail to register your UA, you could face consequences such as hefty fines of up to $10,000, a potential imprisonment of up to 6 months, or both. So, It’s important to ensure proper registration to avoid these penalties.

UA registration involves a two-step process:

A) Purchasing a Registration Label

B) Completing Online Registration via the UA Portal

A) Purchasing a Registration Label

To facilitate the registration process, SingPost offers Unmanned Aircraft Registration Labels on behalf of CAAS. You can obtain these labels either over-the-counter at designated SingPost post offices or online. Please note that you must be 16 years or older to purchase a registration label. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) have a maximum limit of 5 labels available for purchase, whereas non-Singaporeans and non-PRs are restricted to purchasing only 1 label.

To purchase a CAAS Unmanned Aircraft Registration Label online, you need to register using a digital copy of your NRIC/FIN/Passport documents and pay a registration fee of $20 per label.

If you prefer the over-the-counter mode at designated SingPost post offices, please complete the physical copy of the UA Registration Label Purchase Form. During your visit, bring the original and photocopy of your NRIC/FIN/Passport.

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B) Completion of the Online Registration via the UA Portal

After receiving the UA registration label, it is crucial to affix it to a visible and non-detachable part of the UA before proceeding with the online registration. Remember to affix the label on the main body of the UA, avoiding easily removable or replaceable parts like propellers, propeller guards, remote controls, batteries, or payloads.

Affix the UA registration label to a visible and non-detachable part of the UA

To complete the registration process, visit the UA Portal and log in using one of the following accounts:

  • Singpass Account: If you are registering as an individual.
  • Corppass Account: If you are registering on behalf of an organization.
  • UAPass Account: For individuals without a valid Singpass/Corppass account, such as tourists.

During the registration, keep the following information readily available for a smooth and convenient process:

  • Registration ID and Verification ID (located on the UA Registration Label)
  • Your personal details
  • UA details, including brand, model, serial number, flight controller number, weight, and frequency
  • A digital photograph of the UA displaying the affixed label

Having these details nearby will help facilitate a quick and hassle-free UA registration.

Step 2: Obtain UA Basic Training certificate from UABTO

If you operate or fly an unmanned aircraft (UA) or drone weighing between 1.5kg and 7kg for recreational or educational purposes, it is mandatory to complete UA (Unmanned Aircraft) Basic Training.

This self-paced e-learning course, conducted by CAAS-approved UA Basic Training organizations (UABTOs), provides essential theoretical knowledge on safely operating UAs in compliance with the strict guidelines set by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

The online course is suitable for the general public with interests that involve the use of drones, such as videography and photography, as well as educators who incorporate Unmanned Aircraft to foster aviation interest in schools or institutions. It covers topics including Air Law and Legislations in Singapore, UAS (unmanned aerial system) basic aeronautical and technical knowledge, and UAS safety and operations.

Upon successfully completing the two-hour course and passing the assessment, participants will receive a CAAS-recognized Certificate of Completion (UABT E-Certificate). The assessment consists of a quiz with 20 multiple-choice questions, and participants must answer all questions correctly to pass.

CAAS-Approved UABTOsTraining FeeEmail Contact
Apollo Global Academy Pte Ltd
3 Shan Road, Singapore 328104
$30.00[email protected]
Republic Polytechnic
9 Woodlands Avenue 9, Singapore 738964
$21.40[email protected]
MIRS Innovate Private Limited
5 Little Road #03-01 Cemtex Industrial Building Singapore 536983
$30.00[email protected]
Singapore Polytechnic
500 Dover Road Singapore 139651
$19.44[email protected]
AETOS Training Academy Pte Ltd
5 Corporation Drive Singapore 619774
$32.40[email protected]
Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd
Theory Class @ 1 Park Road,
#04-22/23, Singapore 059108  

Practical Class @ 51 Kampong Bugis
#01-07 Kallang Riverside, Singapore 338986
$16.20[email protected]
May 2023: Six CAAS-Approved UABTOs listed

Step 3: Obtain UA Pilot Licence (UAPL) from UATOs

UA Pilot Licence (UAPL) is mandatory under the following conditions:

  • UA weighing over 7kg used for recreational or educational purposes.
  • Commercial operations or non-recreational/non-educational activities, regardless of UA weight.

To obtain a UAPL (UA Pilot Licence), follow these steps:

  1. Register for a CAPELS account:
    • Obtain a unique CAPELS Personal Identification (PID) number.
    • Required for theory test and practical assessment.
  2. Pass the theory test:
    • Administered at CAAS Examination Centre located at the Singapore Aviation Academy.
    • Book the theory test online.
  3. Pass the practical assessment:
    • Conducted by an Authorised Flight Examiner at a CAAS-approved UA training and assessment organization (UATO).
    • Contact a CAAS-approved UATO to schedule the assessment.
  4. Submit the UAPL application:
    • Apply for UAPL through the CAPELS system.
    • Minimum age requirement: 16 years old.
  5. View the digital licence:
    • After UAPL application approval, access the UAPL via the SGFlight mobile app.

Note: For detailed instructions and links, refer to the provided clickable resources.

So there you have it, fellow drone enthusiasts! Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of Singapore’s top recreational drone flying locations, rules, and insider tips, it’s time to spread your wings and take to the skies. Remember, though, with great drones comes great responsibility! Always adhere to CAAS’ safety guidelines to ensure a smooth and incident-free flight. Happy droning and may your aerial adventures be filled with breathtaking views and unforgettable moments!

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