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Attention Singaporean fans, get ready to dive into the world of your beloved K-pop idol! Meet Chou Tzuyu, the captivating pride of Taiwan and a standout figure in the renowned South Korean girl group “TWICE.” As the youngest member and lead dancer, Tzuyu holds the spotlight as the sole Taiwanese talent in the group, earning the title of the powerhouse “Maknae” and consistently securing top ranks in TC Candler’s esteemed “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces.” Get ready to discover the captivating journey of this extraordinary talent.

Chou Tzuyu was born on Monday, June 14, 1999 in “East District” of “Tainan city” of Taiwan. Tzuyu (쯔위) is her stage name, while her original Taiwanese birth name is “Zhōuzi yú”, and she goes by her full Korean name as “Chou Tzu Yu (저우쯔위)”.


BirthdayJune 14, 1999
Age25 years old
English nameSally
Height170 cm (5 feet 7 inches)
Weight48 kg (106 lbs)
Blood GroupA
Twice Group PositionLead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae

How to pronounce Twice’s Chou Tzuyu name in Korean and Chinese?

Her full Korean name is 저우쯔위, written out literally as “Jeo U Jjeu Wie”. In Hangul, 쓰위, spelled in romanized as “tzuwie” but is pronounced “jjeu wie”, as we know, there’s no “z” sound in Korean, hence we frequently hear her name as “Joo-wi”, “Choo-Wei” or “Chewy”.

In standard pinyin, her name would be “Zhōu Zi Yú”. In Chinese, “Zǐ” is NOT read as “Zee” so it’s pronounced more like “Tzz-yoo”.

Tzuyu is affectionately known by several endearing nicknames among fans. “Chocolate” stems from her dark skin tone, while “Chewy” emerged from the way her name is often pronounced by non-Korean fans. The moniker “Yoda” finds its origins in her distinctive pointy ears and strikingly large, beautiful eyes, drawing comparisons to the iconic Star Wars character. Interestingly, it was TWICE leader and main vocalist Jihyo who bestowed the nickname “Yoda” upon her, a title Tzuyu embraced wholeheartedly. She even incorporated Star Wars-themed accessories like Yoda necklaces, hats, and Baby Yoda toys into her fan meetings.

Born under the Gemini zodiac sign, Tzuyu is currently 25 years old as of June 2024.

TWICE Tzuyu’s Family & Net Worth:

Tzuyu’s father, Zhōu Yìchéng, and her mother, Huáng Yànlíng, are both entrepreneurs with diverse business interests. Zhōu Yìchéng ventured into the cosmetics industry over two decades ago and now leads “Jiaxi Co. Ltd,” specializing in the slimming beauty industry and cosmetics wholesale and retail. Tzuyu also has an elder brother who prefers to keep a low profile, maintaining privacy despite his family’s public prominence.

Tzuyu’s mother, Huáng Yànlíng, holds the position of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at “Shouxigel Plastic Surgery Clinic.” Specializing in micro plastic surgery, laser treatments such as tattoo removal, and aesthetic surgery, the clinic fulfills the dreams of customers seeking to enhance their beauty even without makeup. Jiaxi’s cosmetics and beauty courses are available for purchase both through e-commerce platforms and at “Shouxigel Plastic Surgery Clinic,” showcasing a synergy between the two businesses. Presently, the clinic operates across three branches in Taiwan.

  1. TAICHUNG DADUN BRANCH, No. 939, Dadun Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
  2. TAINAN QIJIAN STORE, 676 Yuyi Road, East District, Tainan City
  3. KAOHSIUNG YUCHENG STORE, 2040 Yucheng Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung

While Tzuyu’s mother holds the CEO title at the clinic franchise, her family’s involvement is as shareholders, with a significant stake in the largest clinic, the Tainan Qijian store. Estimates suggest their investment is approximately 4-5 million Yuan in “Jiaxi Cosmetics” and around 30 million Yuan in the trio of aesthetic and beauty clinics.

In addition to their ventures in the beauty industry, Tzuyu’s parents own and operate “SoSee Coffee,” a beloved café located at No. 375, Yunong Road, East District, Tainan 701 Taiwan. A haven for ONCEs, the café, known as Shǒu xǐ kāfēi in Chinese, is adorned with Twice posters and fan art, personally signed by the members. Their music fills the air, and lucky visitors may even encounter Tzuyu’s celebrity dog, GUCCI, adding to the café’s charm.

Tzuyu’s Schooling & Graduation:

Tzuyu’s educational journey reflects her determination and adaptability. Initially attending Tainan Fuxing National Middle School in Taiwan for her primary and junior high school education, her path took a significant turn when, in December 2012, at just 13 years old and in her first year of middle school, she was chosen as a JYP trainee in South Korea.

Upon her arrival in Korea, Tzuyu enrolled in Seoul Overseas Chinese High School, located in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. This school follows the curriculum of the Republic of China (ROC) and utilizes textbooks from Taiwan. Balancing academic studies during the day with rigorous dance training sessions late into the night, Tzuyu also dedicated herself to learning Korean, a foreign language to her, all while navigating life away from her parents at such a young age. Her commitment to her education and her craft exemplifies her resilience and passion for her dreams.

In March 2016, at the age of 16, Tzuyu made a brief return to Taiwan to participate in the “National Junior High School Power Appraisal Test.” This comprehensive examination assessed proficiency in five subjects: Chinese, mathematics, English, society, and nature and life technology. Tzuyu successfully passed the exam, granting her the opportunity to utilize her scores for admission to senior high school in Korea. However, despite her efforts, she missed the initial admission window.

Undeterred, Tzuyu persevered and underwent an additional screening test to secure admission to high school in Korea. As a result, she was accepted into Hanlim Multi Art School, located in the Songpa District of Seoul, South Korea. This institution provided Tzuyu with a platform to further cultivate her talents and pursue her academic aspirations amidst her burgeoning career in the entertainment industry.

On February 12th, 2019, Tzuyu proudly graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School, marking a significant milestone in her academic journey. Among her peers, fellow TWICE member Chaeyoung, who shared a room with Tzuyu at the school, also graduated alongside her. Their graduation ceremony was a memorable occasion, shared with 17 other notable K-pop idols:

  1. Nancy and JooE from MOMOLAND
  2. EunByul from LipBubble
  3. ChaeYoung from Fromis_9
  4. Miso from DreamNote
  5. BoMin from Golden Child
  6. JiSung and HyunWoo from TRCNG
  7. SanHa from ASTRO
  8. Kim ChaeWon from IZ*ONE
  9. Hwall and SunWoo from THE BOYZ
  10. Go YuJin, Son EunChae, and Han ChoWon from Produce 48
  11. Anne from GWSN
  12. JinKwon from NewKidd

Their joint graduation exemplified the camaraderie and shared experiences within the vibrant K-pop community, celebrating both academic achievement and continued success in the entertainment industry.

TZUYU’s Professional K-POP Career:


Before her debut with TWICE, Tzuyu displayed a reserved and soft-spoken demeanor, but her passion for dancing illuminated her true spirit. Starting with ballet in kindergarten, she delved into hip-hop during elementary and junior high school.

In early 2012, Tzuyu’s exceptional talent caught the eye of JYP Entertainment scouts during her achievement exhibition at the “MUSE Performing Arts Center, Tainan.” Impressed by her live dance practice, JYP staff immediately filmed an improvisation video. Within weeks, Tzuyu received the life-changing call from JYP, informing her of her selection as a trainee in South Korea. At just 13 years old, in December 2012, she bid farewell to her loved ones in Taiwan and embarked on her journey to South Korea.

Her pre-debut journey also saw brief appearances, such as a split-second cameo in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It” in 2014 and a random appearance in the music video for Miss A’s “Only You” in 2015, showcasing glimpses of her talent before her official debut with TWICE.

Journey with TWICE:

On April 13, 2015, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) unveiled profiles of 16 trainees participating in the reality girl group survival show “SIXTEEN.” The show spanned 10 episodes, with the ultimate prize being a coveted spot in the upcoming girl group, “TWICE (트와이스).”

Following intense competition, Nayeon, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, and Sana emerged victorious on the final episode of “SIXTEEN.” It was then revealed that TWICE would be a 9-member group, with Tzuyu clinching her spot through online voting by the audience. Unfortunately, Momo was eliminated based solely on Trainer JYP (Park Jin-young’s) decision.

Debuting with their EP “The Story Begins” on October 20, 2015, TWICE swiftly captured the hearts of K-pop enthusiasts. Their devoted fandom is affectionately known as “ONCE,” with the unofficial tagline “ONCE THERE WERE TWICE.”

TZUYU Modelling Career:

In 2019, Estée Lauder, the US-based cosmetics giant, appointed TWICE as their new brand ambassadors for “Estée Lauder Korea.” However, Tzuyu herself had previously served as a brand ambassador for LG U+ in 2016, only to be removed following a flag apology controversy.

Tzuyu’s mesmerizing beauty has earned her a consistent presence on TC Candler’s prestigious “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” list since 2015. Her ranking has steadily risen over the years, securing positions such as 13th in 2015, 8th in 2016, 3rd in 2017, and 2nd in 2018, culminating in her crowning as the “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” for 2019. Moreover, she has graced the covers of several esteemed international magazines, some of which are listed below along with their respective issue months.

Nikkei MagazineOctober 2018 Issue
OhBoy! MagazineNovember 2018 Issue
Nylon Korea MagazineMarch 2018 Issue
Cosmopolitan Magazine [Korea]January 2018 Issue
@Star1 MagazineJune 2017 Issue
Céci MagazineSeptember 2016 Issue
Pholar AppJune 2016
GQ Magazine (Korea)April 2016 Issue

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