TC Candler’s 2022 Most Beautiful and Handsome Nominees from Singapore

Want to nominate your favorite Singaporean celebrity for the annual TC Candler most beautiful/handsome face? or perhaps you are just curious about the celebrities which made the list this year. Whatever the case, find all the Singaporean & Malaysian nominees list for the 2022 edition of this prestigious award along with Patreon nomination and voting process details.

Many people object to beauty pageants, citing that they only promote superficial beauty standards. But when it comes to TC Candler’s list, such complaints become irrelevant because from nomination to final voting, the whole process is left in the general public domain.

And though it is correct that South Korea, Hong Kong, the USA, and China always dominate the nominee’s list, as the competition has a major fan following in these countries. Yet the 2022 entries suggest that it is gaining recognition and popularity in other countries as well, as many nominees are joining from the SEA, MENA, and European regions.

How to Nominate & Vote in TC Candler Most Beautiful/Handsome Faces List 2022?

Step 1: To become a Nominator, join TC Candlers official Patreon in the “Chatter” or “Nominator” tier. Chatter Tier ($3) member gets 1 nomination/month while Nominator tier ($5) member gets 3 nominations/month. Nominees will stop being posted in the first week of December

Step 2: To become a Voter, join the VOTER Tier ($10) at the latest in July 2022. For a single month membership you’ll get everything from CHATTER and NOMINATOR Tier Plus 5 Nominations/Month and other exclusives.

But if you remain a Voter-Tier Patron for 6 Months from July to December, then you can send your top 25 list. And from all voter tier members list, a top 10 will be selected, which will be included in the final Top 100 most beautiful and handsome list of 2022.

Step 3: Voter-tier members (July-Dec) will also get a Vote in the Final top 100 List. Winners will be announced in December 2022.

TC Candler Most Beautiful/Handsome Faces 2022 – Singapore Nominees

TC Candler Most Beautiful and Handsome Faces 2022 Singapore Nominees by

Singapore has no dearth of beautiful and handsome personalities, yet we see less traction regarding the annual TC Candler most beautiful faces and most handsome faces list. And amongst those who know about the competition, they still tend to favor K-POP personalities over regional Singaporean celebrities.

On the other hand, each year, the list is gaining more and more traction in neighboring countries like Malaysia, where we have already seen more than 10 Patreon Nominations for 2022. And currently, Singapore has only five personalities nominated by fans to be considered for the title of most beautiful faces and most handsome faces of 2022.

1. Fiona Fussi

Fiona Fussi is a well established name in the Modelling circuit of South East Asia. Born on 25th January 1996 in Singapore, this 26-year-old diva came a long way since her first win in the “Elite Model Look Singapore competition” in 2011 (at the age of 15).

Currently represented by “Basic Models Management”, a leading modelling agency in Singapore, Fiona has a vast experience under her belt. From Editorial Modelling, Commercial Modelling to being a successful model ambassador for global beauty brands, she has done it all.

Fussi was born to an Austrian father and Hong Kong-Chinese mother, and much of international appeal comes from her sweet personality, generous nature and god-gifted charisma. She currently has over 160K followers on her official IG account (@fionafussi) and is the front-runner from Singapore for this years most beautiful face award.

NameFiona Fussi
Age26 Years
Height1.76 m
Body Measurement32″ (Bust), 24″ (Waist), 34.5″ (Hips)
IG Handle (Followers)@fionafussi (160K)
Fiona Fussi - TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces Nominee from Singapore 2022

2. Joanne Josephine Rhodes

Yao Zuen, nicknamed JoJo, is a British mixed-race fashion model and TV Host based out of Hong Kong. Her full English name is Joanne Josephine Rhodes and is currently nominated by Patreons for the TC Candler 2022 most beautiful Face award, under the Singapore, Hong Kong and British flag. JoJo R. has done several modelling assignments and ramp-walk for major brands & designers in Singapore and holds a UK Passport.

Born May 16, 2000, this 22 Year old sensation is represented by “Basic Models Management” in Singapore, “Primo Management Ltd.” in Hong Kong. She completed her middle school from “Maryknoll Convent School” in 2018 and then pursued “BA Global Creative Industries”, from “School of Modern Languages and Cultures”, Faculty of Arts at HKU (Hong Kong University).

The long-legged model is a multifaceted personality, who is a member of HKU Orchestra and also engages in various sporting events like Hurdles, tennis and Lacrosse. JoJo has been hosting the children’s program “Happy Boys League” for ViuTV since 2018 and also hosted a program titled “Academic Super Star Road”, which aired in Hong Kong and Taiwan during 2019-2020.

NameYao Zuen aka
Joanne Josephine Rhodes (JoJo R.)
Age22 Years
Height1.72 m
HairDark Brown
Body Measurement33.5″ (Bust), 24″ (Waist), 34″ (Hips)
IG Handle (Followers)@joannejosephinerhodes (27.3K)
JoJo R - TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces Nominee from Singapore 2022

3. Cheris Lee

Cheris Lee is a Singaporean Singer and TV actress based out of South Korea. She was a Sub-Vocalist, Visual, & Center for 5 member girl group GBB (Gawi bawi boo), which debuted on May 1, 2018 and later disbanded on March 20, 2020.

Born on 11 September 1996, Cheris Lee was the second youngest member of the group after rapper Chaehee. Other members of the girl group were Jini, Sona and Doori. She completed her studies from “Outram Secondary School” and then from “ITE College West” in Singapore.

She made her acting debut with Starhub GO Production’s original series “Love in Transit” in 2017 (Episode 2 – priority seat) and currently balancing her modelling, singing and acting career in South Korea and Singapore.

NameCheris Lee
Age25 Years
Height5’4″ (163 cm)
Weight41 kg (90 lbs)
IG Handle (Followers)@cherisleex (75K)
Cheris Lee - TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces Nominee from Singapore 2022

4. Kenny Khoo

Born on 31 October 1988, Kenny Khoo is a Singaporean Singer and Song-writer, currently based out of Taiwan. He made his singing debut in Taiwan in 2014 with the chart-buster album “Ten Storeys” and currently has four albums and 5 singles under his belt.

He goes by the name “Qiu Fengze” in Taiwan and is the leader and only Singaporean in the 5 member Taiwanese boy band “W0LF(S)”. He is also very popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong as the host of variety show “100% Entertainment”.

Qiu Fengze won in the “singer of the year” category at the 17th KKBOX Music Awards and his mandopop “Annular Eclipse” and “Subtext” captured the top 100 singles in Chinese.

Real NameKenny Khoo
Chinese NameQiu Fengze
Age33 Years
Height1.74 m
Youtube (Subscribers)Feng Ze (279K)
IG Handle (Followers)@qiufengze (478K)
Kenny Khoo - TC Candler Most Handsome Faces Nominee from Singapore 2022

5. Nic Kaufmann

Nic Kaufmann was born on 3 December 2000 in Singapore to parents of German and Indian descent. He completed his primary schooling and later his secondary schooling from “Overseas Family School”, an international school in Singapore. He then moved from Singapore to Germany to pursue higher studies in computer science from Technical University of Munich. He graduated from the university in 2020.

Nic garnered a massive popularity on social media platform TikTok when his version of video for #alltheboys movement was appreciated by millions around the globe. He currently boasts a massive 19.2 Million fans and over 500 Million likes on the platform (@nickaufmann), in addition to a whopping 1.7 Million followers on Instagram (@nic.kaufmann).

Currently, he resides in Munich, Germany where he is represented by Alexia Kafritsas and Lucas Teuchner at management company TwoSides. Also in January 2022, Nic was signed by “United Talent Agency”, one of the biggest talent agency in the world, for worldwide representation. In a very short period of time, Nic has already collaborated with global brands like BMW, Dior Beauty, Hugo Boss, ABOUT YOU, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Russell Athletic, Ralph Lauren and many more.

NameNic Kaufmann
Age21 Years
NationalitySingaporean, German
TikTok (Fans)@nickaufmann (19.2 M)
Instagram (Followers)@nic.kaufmann (1.7 M)
Nic Kaufmann - TC Candler Most Handsome Faces Nominee from Singapore 2022

So, these are all the five nominees for the TC Candler most beautiful/handsome faces of 2022 from Singapore as of June 2022. We will add more celebrities from Singapore as they get nominated officially or via Patreon membership. In the meanwhile, enjoy all the nominees from neighbouring country Malaysia:

TC Candler Nominees 2022 – Malaysia IG (Followers)
Jun Liu
Jun Liu - TC Candler Most Handsome Face Nominee from Malaysia
@Junliumm (179K)
Hun Haqeem
Hun Haqeem TC Candler Most Handsome Face Nominee from Malaysia
@Hunhaqeem (812K)
Michiyo Ho
Michiyo Ho TC Candler Most Beautiful Face Nominee From Malaysia
@michiyo_ho (1.3 M)
Sean Lee
Sean Lee TC Candler Most Handsome Face Nominee from Malaysia
@Seanlje (723K)
Aweera Soundgarden
Aweera Soundgarden TC Candler Most Handsome Face Nominee from Malaysia
@aweera_official (95K)
Min Chen
Min Chen TC Candler Most Beautiful Face Nominee From Malaysia
@minchen333 (1.3M)
Fish Liew
Fish Liew TC Candler Most Beautiful Face Nominee From Malaysia
@fish331 (83K)
Serene Lim
Serene Lim TC Candler Most Beautiful Face Nominee From Malaysia
@serene_lsy (318K)
Alvin Chong
Avin Chong TC Candler Most Handsome Face Nominee from Malaysia
@alvinchong123 (1.3 M)
Tabitha Ariel Lam Lianne
Tabbybabyyy TC Candler Most Beautiful Face Nominee From Malaysia
@Tabbybabyyy (114K)

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