Where to Buy the Best Sustainable Seafood in Singapore

By Ravi

Looking to indulge in delicious and sustainable seafood in Singapore? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the top destinations where you can buy responsibly sourced seafood. From renowned supermarket chains like Cold Storage and IKEA to specialized suppliers such as Fassler Gourmet and STS Seafood Direct, we’ll explore a wide range of options to satisfy your cravings while supporting eco-friendly practices.

So, Get ready to embark on a culinary journey where every bite is not only a delight to your taste buds but also a conscious choice for the planet. Discover the best places to buy sustainable seafood in Singapore and savor delectable dishes that embody the perfect harmony of taste and sustainability.

Conscious Seafood Shopping: Where to Buy Sustainable Options in Singapore

Hooked on Sustainability Dive into Singapore's Sustainable Seafood Scene

1) Cold Storage Singapore

Cold Storage Singapore is a renowned household name in Singapore, operating multiple brands such as Cold Storage, CS Fresh, Market Place, and Jasons Deli, with a network of 50 stores spread across the island. Established in 1903, this Singaporean multinational supermarket company is a prominent member of the DFI retail group, a key player in the processing and wholesaling of food in Southeast Asia.

For individuals seeking sustainable seafood options in Singapore, Cold Storage offers a noteworthy selection. Within their online store, customers can discover three ASC-certified products of frozen Striped catfish. These products include the 450g Sunshine Sutchi skinless & boneless, available in cube, fillet, and portion cuts. Sourced from Vietnam, these farm-raised striped catfish are carefully frozen and maintained at -18°C. Priced at approximately $4.90, these white meat fish not only serve as a delectable source of protein and fat but also meet ASC’s rigorous global standards for responsible farm-to-fork practices. Enjoy these products with peace of mind, knowing they adhere to sustainable seafood guidelines.

Cold Storage Sunshine ASC certified striped catfish
  • Brand: Cold Storage Sunshine
  • ASC-certified Product: Sunshine Sutchi skinless boneless
  • Species: Striped Catfish
  • Seafood Type: Frozen
  • Price: starts from $4.90

2) Fassler Gourmet

Fassler Gourmet, a renowned name in Singapore’s seafood industry, stands out for its premium products that prioritize both quality and sustainability. Recognized with the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) Food Safety Excellence Award, Fassler Gourmet excels in seasoning, smoking, slicing, and packing certified sustainable seafood.

Among their impressive offerings, Fassler Gourmet is particularly celebrated for its exquisite selection of smoked seafood. Notably, their smoked salmon undergoes a meticulous smoking process that imparts a distinctive and delectable flavor profile.

For customers in search of sustainable Atlantic salmon in Singapore, Fassler Gourmet presents an enticing option: the Presliced ASC smoked salmon, available in traditional, Thai, and Szechuan styles. These ready-to-eat appetizers, priced affordably between $3.00 and $7.95, not only offer a delightful taste but also serve as an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Perfect for Sushi nights or as an appetizing snack, these smoked salmon products are sure to please.

Aside from smoked salmon, Fassler Gourmet offers sustainable Striped catfish options as well. Their range features two frozen, ASC-certified products: Pangasius Fillet and Breaded Pangasius Finger. For seafood enthusiasts in Singapore, their walk-in retail warehouse at 46 Woodlands Terrace is a prime destination to purchase high-quality seafood at wholesale prices.

Fassler Gourmet ASC Pangasius Fillet
  • Brand: Fassler
  • ASC-certified Product: Presliced ASC smoked salmon, Pangasius Fillet
  • Species: Atlantic Salmon, Striped Catfish
  • Seafood Type: Fresh/Chilled, Frozen
  • Price: starts from $3.00, $7.95, and $25.90

3) IKEA Singapore

IKEA restaurants and Swedish Food Markets are renowned destinations in Singapore for responsibly-produced seafood. The IKEA salmon selection originates from ASC-certified fish farms, while customers can also indulge in delicious wild-caught seafood options such as Whiteleg shrimp, striped catfish, and Chilean mussel from responsibly sourced MSC-certified fisheries, available for both dining-in and purchase at IKEA.

For premium quality seafood, visit the IKEA Swedish Food Market, where you can find SJÖRAPPORT Cured Salmon, Cold Smoked Salmon, and Salmon Fillet, all sourced from ASC-certified fish farms in Norway. At the Swedish restaurants, enjoy MSC-certified Cold water prawns, along with a delectable ASC-certified menu featuring items like Salmon Wrap, Salmon fillet salad, Salmon Croissant, and Marinated salmon set.

Here are the opening hours for the IKEA restaurants in Singapore:

  • IKEA Alexandra: Sunday to Thursday, the restaurant is open from 9am to 10pm, with the last order at 9.30pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open from 9am to 11pm, with the last order at 10pm.
  • IKEA Tampines: From Sunday to Thursday, the restaurant operates from 10am to 9pm, and the last order is at 8.30pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open from 10am to 10.30pm, with the last order at 10pm.
  • IKEA Jurong: On Sundays to Thursdays, the restaurant is open from 10am to 9.30pm, and the last order is at 9pm. Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant operates from 10am to 10pm, and the last order is at 9.30pm.
ASC and MSC certified seafood at IKEA Singapore
  • Brand: IKEA
  • ASC-certified Product: IKEA ASC Salmon Lasagna & Smoked Salmon Chowder, SJÖRAPPORT series
  • Species: Atlantic Salmon, Whiteleg Shrimp, Striped Catfish, Chilean mussel
  • Seafood Type: Frozen, Ready Meal, Restaurants Foodservice
  • Price: starts from $2.90, $4.20, $12.50, $21.00

4) Indoguna Ocean Gems

Indoguna Singapore is a premier importer and distributor of high-quality food and ingredients, known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Established in 1993, it is a key member of the FS APME (Food Service Asia Pacific Middle East), a well-connected distribution network spanning Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the UAE, and Vietnam.

Indoguna Singapore sources top-quality seafood with MSC and ASC Chain of Custody certifications, ensuring their freshness and sustainability. They supply a wide range of F&B customers in Singapore, including independent restaurants, chains, retail outlets, hotels, caterers, cruise lines, and e-commerce platforms. One notable partnership is with Foppen, a Netherlands-based company with a century-long legacy in providing high-quality seafood. Indoguna Singapore offers ASC-certified Foppen Salmon sourced from sustainable fisheries in Norway.

Among FS APME’s portfolio of 27 SKU ASC Certified Products, Vannamei Raw/cooked HOSO Prawn is sourced from Thailand, while Salmo Salar comes from the Netherlands. They also provide 12 SKU MSC Certified Products, including Hard shell clams from Vietnam, and Sockeye Salmon, Atlantic Cod, Red Fish, Haddock, and Pollock varieties from the Netherlands.

Under their in-house brand “Ocean Gems,” Indoguna Singapore offers a range of ASC-certified seafood products, including Smoked Norwegian salmon slices and Hot Smoked Atlantic salmon in various flavors like traditional, black pepper, garlic, and mild sriracha.

In addition to their advanced production and cold storage facilities, Indoguna operates a fully functional butchery and provides reliable refrigerated delivery services. They continuously introduce new product lines tailored for wholesale customers. To cater to eco-conscious home consumers looking to purchase sustainable produce online, they have launched MAXZI.sg, their dedicated online retail platform.

Indoguna ocean gem traditional hot smoked salmon
  • Brand: Indoguna Ocean Gems
  • ASC-certified Product: Smoked Nowegian salmon slices, Hot Smoked Atlantic salmon
  • Species: Atlantic salmon
  • Seafood Type: Fresh/Chilled
  • Price: Starts From $15

5) The Seafood Company

The Seafood Company is a trusted supplier of frozen seafood in Singapore. They prioritize responsible and sustainable fishing practices, sourcing the finest seafood from farms that uphold these principles. With their efficient import and distribution processes, they offer bulk rates to customers across Singapore.

Since 2005, their B2B arm has been providing exceptional food service solutions to the hotel, restaurant, and catering sectors. Recently, they have expanded their offerings to cater to the retail market through their dedicated online platform, “seaco-online.com”. This platform enables them to sell and deliver premium-quality ready-to-cook seafood directly to consumers, ensuring convenience and satisfaction.

With an extensive range of over 3000 product offerings, The Seafood Company presents a wide selection for seafood enthusiasts. Among the top choices for environmentally conscious consumers are the ASC-certified Atlantic salmon cold smoked slices, Seaco Frozen sutchi steak, MSC-certified salmon fillet, and Cod Loin. These seafood options are responsibly sourced, with the salmon being farm-raised in Chile and the salmon fillet and Cod Loin being wild-caught in the North Pacific Ocean.

MSC certified Salmon Fillet and CodLoin by Seaco
  • Brand: Seaco
  • MSC-certified Product: Wild caught salmon fillet, and Cod Loin
  • Species: North Pacific Salmon and Cod
  • Seafood Type: Frozen/Chilled
  • Price: Starts From $8.00

6) Grand Hyatt Singapore

Hyatt, a prominent global hotel brand, has established itself as a leader in the sustainable seafood movement. In collaboration with WWF (World Wide Fund), Hyatt has been actively promoting sustainable seafood sourcing since 2012, across all their worldwide operations.

At Grand Hyatt Singapore, 80% of the seafood served is sourced from MSC certified fisheries and ASC certified farms, aligning with their “Thoughtfully Sourced, Carefully Served” philosophy. Hyatt works closely with suppliers to ensure sustainable practices and improve seafood supply chains. When dining at their restaurants, you can look for the MSC or ASC logos on the menu or inquire with the waitstaff for sustainable seafood options.

The à la carte menu at 10 Scotts restaurant in Hyatt Singapore showcases ASC-certified Prawn Popiah (Spring Rolls) as an appetizer, along with Indonesian delights like Nasi goreng fried rice and Mee Goreng noodles prepared with sustainable prawns. Additionally, StraitsKitchen’s buffet spread includes smoked Atlantic salmon, Chinese specialties such as carrot cake and char kway teow featuring tiger prawns, and noodle dishes with MSC-certified large tiger prawns as a protein choice. Even the In-room dining menu at Grand Hyatt Singapore offers options like crispy sustainable fish and chips.

Sustainable restaurant dining menu at Grand Hyatt Singapore
  • Brand: Hyatt
  • ASC/MSC-certified Menu: Wild caught salmon fillet, and Cod Loin
  • Species: Giant tiger prawn, striped catfish, Atlantic salmon, Nile tilapia
  • Seafood Type: Ready Meal, Restaurant Food Service
  • Price: Starts From $18.00

7) STS Seafood Direct

STS Seafood Direct, established in 2019, is a trusted wholesale seafood trader based in Singapore. They offer a wide range of seafood options, including Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout, Nile tilapia, Whiteleg shrimp, and Giant tiger prawn. With a global import network, they provide dry, fresh, and frozen food products to customers. STS Seafood Direct proudly holds a group certificate from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC-C-03074), showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices.

Conveniently located at 33 Chin Bee Crescent in Jurong West, their warehouse serves as a hub for supplying and delivering high-quality fresh, dry, and frozen foodstuffs to various customers in the food and beverage industry. Their clientele includes supermarkets, integrated resorts, airlines, hotels, and restaurants throughout Singapore.

Equipped with state-of-the-art freezer, chiller, and processing facilities, STS Seafood Direct ensures the highest quality standards for their products. They also have a fleet of eight freezer and chiller trucks, enabling efficient and reliable deliveries.

Since 2022, they have expanded their offerings by importing air-flown seafood from Japan’s renowned Toyosu market, the world’s largest wholesale fish market. This expansion further enhances their offerings and ensures a diverse selection of seafood for their customers.

STS Seafood Direct - ASC certified wholesale seafood supplier in Singapore
  • Address: 33, Chin Bee Crescent #01-02, Singapore 619901
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +65 6908 5136
  • Fax: +65 6908 5137
  • WhatApp: +65 9225 1195
  • Business Hours: Monday to Friday (8am-5pm), Saturday (8am-12:30pm)
  • ASC-certified Products: HOSO cooked & raw shrimp
  • Species: Whiteleg shrimp

So, dive into the sustainable seafood paradise that Singapore has to offer, because saving the oceans never tasted so good! Let’s make waves for a brighter future, one delicious bite at a time.

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