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Step into the captivating world of Gin&G Interior Design Studio, an up-and-coming powerhouse founded by visionary artists Genevieve Ang and Georgina Foo. Discover how they infuse beauty and meaning into industrial, residential, and commercial spaces, narrating stories through design. This article invites you to explore the rise of these exceptional interior design creators, as they reshape and redefine the design landscape in Singapore.

Featured Business: Studio Gin&G

Address: Prosper House #06-01, Singapore 388399

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 10 am – 6 pm


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Exploring Design Diversity: Genevieve Ang, Georgina Foo, and the Essence of Gin&G Studio

Established in 2021, Gin&G is a dynamic interior design studio located in District 14, on the outskirts of Singapore’s central region. Co-founded by Genevieve Ang and Georgina Foo, this remarkable design studio specializes in industrial design, residential spaces, and commercial interiors.

Gin&G Studio in Singapore Founded by Genevieve Ang and Georgina Foo
Photo: Gin&G Studio in Singapore Founded by Genevieve Ang and Georgina Foo

Genevieve Ang – Ceramicist & Architectural Designer

Known by her artistic name Gellyvieve, Genevieve Ang is a skilled ceramicist and architectural designer who channels her creativity through clay and spatial installations. Holding a Master’s degree in Architecture from NUS, she has seamlessly woven together two parallel disciplines – design and fine arts. Her expertise includes architectural restoration, evidenced by her time at Zarch Collaboratives studio. In August 2021, Genevieve presented her solo exhibition titled “In Space, A Sign and Me,” a fusion of ceramic art installations and custom ceramic wares. Collaborating with the local dessert haven KKI Sweets, the exhibition was a testament to her talent. Notably, she is a recipient of the Design Singapore Council’s Good Design Research (GDR) grant and is currently collaborating with Terra Sol to pioneer a sustainability solution: transforming glass waste into innovative ceramic tiles.

Co-Founder Georgina Foo – Architecturally Trained Interior Designer

Georgina Foo, co-founder of Gin&G, boasts a background as an architecturally trained interior designer. Her journey with design began alongside Genevieve Ang during their junior school years. After earning her degree from NUS, Georgina embarked on a career as an architectural assistant, eventually achieving the role of Architectural Designer at Formwerkz Architects and its subsidiary, Studio iF.

Diverse Approaches to Design

Although both co-founders are NUS Department of Architecture graduates, their individual backgrounds and prior professional experiences have shaped their distinct design methodologies. Genevieve Ang gravitates towards a narrative-driven and experimental approach, using each project as a canvas for storytelling. Conversely, Georgina Foo is characterized by her meticulous attention to detail, heavily influenced by the tenets of the modernist architectural movement.

Impressive Portfolio

Collectively, their design portfolio showcases an array of remarkable projects. Notable highlights include the stylish Bubble Blow Bar hair salon at Delfi Orchard Mall, the captivating Curious Creatures Jewelry store in Chinatown, the inviting Kovan Residences in Hougang, and the vibrant Staygold Flamingo café in Chinatown.

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