Bosch Power Tools Service Centre in Singapore

By Ravi

Is your Bosch Power Tool in need of repair or replacement in Singapore? Are you seeking authentic spare parts and accessories for your Bosch products, such as heavy-duty tools, cordless devices, pressure washers, or gardening equipment? Look no further – the authorized Bosch Service Centre in Singapore is equipped to handle all your tool repair needs, including warranty claims.

Discover Powerwell Service Centre Pte Ltd: Located in the Central-North District 20, Powerwell Service Centre Pte Ltd is the premier authorized Bosch Power Tool, Gardening Tool, and Pressure Washer repair facility in Singapore. Situated on the ground floor of Techplace I industrial property in Block 4012, this top-rated center is renowned for its exceptional service and expert repairs.

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Unleash the Fix-it Genies: Bosch Tool Repair in Singapore

  • Products: Bosch Power Tools, Gardening Tools, Cleaning Tools
  • Bosch Tools Singapore Hotline: 1800 333 8 333
  • Authorised Service Centre: Block 4012, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-02 Techplace 1, Singapore 569628
  • Contact: +65 6452 1770
  • WhatsApp Support: +65 9170 7600
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: +65 6452 1760
  • Opening Hours: Mondays to Fridays: 08:30am – 06:00pm
Your Bosch Power Tools Deserve the Best Service Centre in Singapore

Seamless Availment Process for Authorised Bosch Tool Repair:

Bringing your Bosch tools back to optimal functionality is a straightforward process with Powerwell Service Centre. To initiate maintenance or repair, simply contact Powerwell’s customer care via telephone at (+65 6452 1770) or through WhatsApp chat at (+65 9170 7600). Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Fault Diagnosis: Upon visiting the repair center, a complimentary fault diagnosis will be conducted on your Bosch tool. If no faults are found, your tool will be returned at no extra charge.
  2. Out-of-Warranty Repair: For products beyond their warranty period, the authorized technicians will provide a quote for service and parts. If you opt not to proceed with the repair, your tools will be returned to you free of charge.
  3. Warranty Claim: When making a warranty claim, ensure you bring the original proof of purchase, including the purchase date and store details. This applies to both standard and extended warranty claims.
  4. Turnaround Time: The typical Warranty Repair Turnaround Time is 24 hours, dependent on spare part availability. Powerwell Service Centre boasts a vast inventory of over 3000 Bosch power tool spare parts, allowing them to offer same-day Express repair service for select models.
  5. Comprehensive Service: In addition to replacing faulty parts, Powerwell’s technicians clean, grease, and meticulously maintain repaired tools before they leave the service center. They also offer delivery services for your fixed Bosch tool, with an added delivery cost.

Effortless Ways to Send Bosch Tools for Authorized Repair:

There are multiple options to send your faulty tool for authorized repair:

  1. Direct Delivery: You can send your faulty tool directly to Powerwell Service Centre Pte Ltd at their address. They accept PayNow funds transfer service.
  2. Walk-In Service: Schedule a walk-in service by calling their customer support number.
  3. Retailer Return: For in-warranty faulty Bosch tools (including batteries and chargers for cordless tools), you can return them to the place of purchase or any authorized Bosch Service Dealer. They will then handle the shipping to the service center for repair.

Upon receiving your confirmation, qualified repair technicians will proceed with the repair, followed by a final security check. Your repaired tool will be shipped back to the store of purchase, and you’ll be promptly notified for collection.

Nailing Down Answers: Your Burning Bosch Power Tool Repair Questions, Answered!

Is the Bosch Authorised Service Centre Open on Sundays?

Powerwell Service Centre Pte. Ltd., the authorized Bosch Power Tool service centre in Singapore, is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays. Additionally, repair services are temporarily unavailable during the lunch hour (12pm to 1pm) from Monday to Friday. However, you can still drop off your faulty tool with the counter staff.

How to Reach the Bosch Power Tool Service Centre in Singapore?

Are you wondering how to get to the Bosch Power Tool Service Centre in Singapore? The nearest MRT stations are Ang Mo Kio MRT (NS16) and Bishan MRT (CC15/NS17). From there, you can take several available buses to reach Block 4012, Techplace 1. Convenient 24/7 visitor parking is also available at the property, with a charge of $1.60 for the first hour and $1.07 for each additional 30 minutes.

Where Can I Buy Original Bosch Power Tool Spare Parts in Singapore?

In addition to providing authorized repair services for Bosch tools, Powerwell Service Centre also offers a selection of genuine Bosch spare parts. Common spare parts available at the facility include batteries for all 12V and 18V tools, chargers for all 12V and 18V batteries, as well as hoses, extension hoses, short triggers, and triggers for high-pressure washers.

What Are the Repair Costs for Bosch Power Tools in Singapore?

At the Bosch authorized service centre, in-warranty repair labor costs can range between $5 and $20. For out-of-warranty repairs, the authorized technicians will provide a quote for both service and parts charges.

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