Best Landscape design and architecture courses in Singapore

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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on Top Landscape Architecture Courses in Singapore! If you aspire to become a skilled landscape architect and shape the world through captivating designs, this article is your one-stop destination. Here, we present a comprehensive overview of the available courses at ITE, Polytechnics, and Honours degree programmes, providing detailed information on course modules, progression studies, job roles suitability, as well as admission and fee details.

In Singapore, the best way to become a practicing landscape architect accredited by SILA (Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects), is to attain a Bachelor or Master of Landscape Architecture Degree from the prestigious National University of Singapore (NUS). After completing your BLA or MLA, you are required to gain a minimum of 3 years and 2 years of industry practice, respectively, before applying for the Landscape Architects Accreditation.

Before embarking on the esteemed journey of pursuing Honours degree programs, seize an excellent head start by considering the Nitec or Higher Nitec ITE programs, followed by a Full-time Diploma course in Landscape Architecture. Renowned institutions like Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts offer these highly relevant diploma courses.

Completing these diplomas not only equips you with essential knowledge and skills but also grants you the advantage of gaining advanced placement in specific modules within university programs, both at NUS and foreign universities. Moreover, these Landscape Architecture-related diploma courses enable you to apply for accreditation as a practicing landscape architect in Singapore after accumulating a minimum of 15 years of work experience, including at least 5 years of practice within Singapore. So, what are you waiting for, Let’s unleash your creativity and bring mesmerizing outdoor spaces to life!

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Building Your Green Blueprint: Navigating Landscape Architecture Programs in Singapore

ITE Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape

Are you passionate about creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes that enhance the environment and enrich the lives of people? If so, the Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape course offered by ITE College East in Singapore is the ideal starting point for your landscaping journey.

Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape Students ITE College East Singapore
Image Credit: Facebook @ITESpore (Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape Students ITE College East Singapore)

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Learn Comprehensive Landscape Operations:

The Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape is a 2-year full-time certification course that provides a holistic education in landscape construction and maintenance. Through a well-balanced blend of theoretical classroom study and hands-on field training, students gain valuable insights into various aspects of urban greenery management, landscape implementation, and plant health care. This comprehensive curriculum ensures that graduates are well-prepared to excel in the dynamic landscaping industry.

Collaboration with Industry Experts:

As a testament to its industry relevance, this course collaborates with esteemed organizations like the National Parks Board (NParks) and the Landscape Industry Association of Singapore (LIAS). This partnership ensures that students receive up-to-date and practical knowledge directly from professionals actively engaged in the landscaping sector.

Diverse Curriculum with Elective Options:

The core modules of the Nitec course encompass a wide range of subjects, including Horticulture, Nursery Services, Arboriculture Services, Turf Services, and Urban Greenery. Moreover, students have the flexibility to pursue electives in high-demand areas like Floral Design, Landscape Services, Engineering Mathematics, Elementary Land Surveying, Swimming Pool Maintenance, and Urban Farming. This diverse curriculum allows learners to tailor their education to suit their specific interests and career aspirations.

Entry Requirements:

To enroll in the Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape course, applicants must have completed GCE ‘N’ or GCE ‘O’ Level. Additionally, they need to ensure that they do not have color appreciation deficiency, a crucial requirement for working in the landscaping industry.

Pathways for Advancement:

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates with a GPA of 3.5 and above have the opportunity to apply for progression to reputable Work-Study Diploma courses at ITE, such as the Diploma in Landscape Design & Horticulture offered by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. They can also explore related Higher Nitec courses, including Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design, provided their GPA meets the minimum requirement of 2.3. These pathways offer an avenue for continuous growth and specialization in the field of landscaping.

Promising Career Opportunities:

Graduates of the Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape course are well-prepared for various roles within the landscape industry. Job titles such as Arboriculture Technician, Assistant Nursery Supervisor, and Floral Design Assistant await those who wish to directly enter the workforce after completion of the course. Armed with their newfound expertise, graduates can skillfully construct and maintain landscaped areas, including urban greenery, skyrise greenery, gardens, golf courses, sports turf, and parks.

ITE Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design

Are you passionate about taking your landscaping skills to the next level? The Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design, a comprehensive two-year full-time course offered by the School of Engineering at ITE College East, is your pathway to becoming a highly skilled landscape professional.

ITE Higher Nitec in Landscape Management and Design student and a pioneer recipient of the Lam Soon Urban Agriculture Scholarship
Image Credit: Facebook @ITESpore (ITE Higher Nitec in Landscape Management and Design student and a pioneer recipient of the Lam Soon Urban Agriculture Scholarship)

Seamless Progression from Nitec in Urban Greenery and Landscape:

If you have excelled in the Nitec in Urban Greenery and Landscape course with a GPA of 3.0 or above, you have the exciting opportunity to directly progress to the second year of the Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design. The course sets a minimum NET GPA requirement of 2.3 (AY 2023) for aspiring students.

Enhanced Knowledge in Landscape Design and Maintenance:

This advanced course is designed to further enhance your expertise in Landscape Design, Implementation, and Maintenance. Through rigorous coursework, collaboration with NParks and LIAS, and the chance to participate in Overseas Industry Attachment Programmes in countries like Australia, you will be equipped with the latest industry insights and global perspectives.

A Comprehensive Curriculum:

To earn the Higher Nitec certificate, students are required to achieve a total of 66 credits. The core modules constitute 51 credits and cover essential subjects such as Nursery Production, Arboriculture Operations, Sports Turf Operations, Landscape Operations, Landscape Design, Skyrise Greenery, Horticulture Sciences, and Parks Practices. Additionally, students can gain 6 credits by selecting elective modules that include Land Surveying, Urban Farming, Landscape Project Management, Green Building Technology, and more.

Entry Requirements:

To embark on this enriching journey, applicants must hold GCE ‘O’ level grades in English Language (Grade 1-8), Mathematics (Grade 1-7), and Grade 1-8 in one approved subject. For Nitec graduates seeking to join this course, achieving the NET min GPA required for this program is the key to unlocking this exciting opportunity.

Endless Pathways for Further Studies:

Upon successful completion of the Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design, graduates open doors to over 20 polytechnic diploma courses. Some popular choices for 3-year Diploma courses include Landscape Architecture at Singapore Polytechnic, Landscape Design & Horticulture at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Interior Architecture & Design at Temasek Polytechnic, and Sustainable Built Environment at Republic Polytechnic. These options allow learners to specialize in their preferred areas and continue their academic journey.

Promising Career Opportunities:

Armed with the knowledge and skills from this course, graduates can confidently enter the green workforce as Supervisors, Assistant Designers, or Project Coordinators in the landscaping industry. They are well-prepared to oversee the implementation and maintenance of skyrise greenery, plant nurseries, and urban farms, contributing significantly to Singapore’s sustainable and beautiful urban landscape.

The Diploma in Landscape Architecture from Singapore Polytechnic

Wish to gain deeper knowledge of Landscape Planning and Design? Look no further than the Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA – S94), a prestigious 3-year full-time course offered by the School of Architecture and the Built Environment (ABE) at Singapore Polytechnic.

ABE Graduation Showcase by Singapore Polytechnic's Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) Student
Image Credit: Facebook @singaporepolytechnic (ABE Graduation Showcase by Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DLA) Student)

A Pathway to Advanced Education:

The DLA course is recognized by the National University of Singapore (NUS) for direct admission into the second year of its esteemed Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) degree program. Students who fulfill the necessary criteria for Advanced Placement Credits (APCs) can seamlessly progress to the BLA program, opening doors to obtain a Landscape Architects Accreditation from SILA.

Comprehensive Modules for Success:

Designed to mold successful landscape designers, the course covers a wide array of essential modules. From mastering Design Fundamentals and Techniques to understanding statutory requirements and planning for skyrise greenery, softscape & hardscape construction details, and 3D Documentation of landscape architecture construction in a planning scale, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a thriving career in landscape architecture.

Eligibility and Admission:

Full-time entry to the DLA course is open to GCE ‘O’ Level/SPM/UEC holders and ITE graduates. For AY 2023-2024, Nitec holders must have a minimum GPA of 3.5, while Higher Nitec holders must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be eligible for this highly sought-after course.

International Opportunities for Aspiring Landscape Architects:

Graduates who aspire to pursue international degree courses in design or landscape architecture in renowned institutions across Australia, New Zealand, or the UK, are in for exciting prospects. Many prestigious universities offer module exemptions and advanced standing to DLA graduates. Institutions such as The University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia, Lincoln University NZ in New Zealand, and The University of Sheffield in the UK, recognize the excellence of DLA graduates and offer opportunities in line with their entry score requirements.

Embark on a Rewarding Career Journey:

Upon successful completion of the course, a world of diverse career opportunities awaits DLA graduates. From Landscape Architecture Assistant, Coordinator, Designer, and Project Manager roles to fulfilling positions as Parks Officers, Planning Executives, or Town Council Estate Officers, there are numerous pathways for graduates to make a significant impact in the landscape architecture and urban planning domains.

Diploma in Landscape Design & Horticulture from Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Another Diploma course which is eligible for Direct 2nd year admission at NUS’s BLA degree is the highly regarded Diploma in Landscape Design & Horticulture (N57) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology (LSCT). This comprehensive 3-year full-time diploma course stands out as the only one that seamlessly integrates landscape design, plant science, and horticulture management studies.

Diploma in Landscape Design & Horticulture Students at Ngee Ann GreenHouse
Image Credit: Ngee Ann Poly (Diploma in Landscape Design & Horticulture Students at Ngee Ann GreenHouse)

Immersive Learning Environment:

At Ngee Ann Polytechnic, you’ll have access to cutting-edge facilities, including an IoT-enabled greenhouse for hands-on learning in urban agriculture. Get ready to create prototypes of hydroponics and aquaponics systems, and seize an invaluable six-month internship opportunity at prestigious landscaping hotspots such as Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Pulau Ubin Island, Changi Airport, and Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Dynamic Course Structure:

The first year of the course lays a strong foundation in design fundamentals with modules covering Soil Science, Plant Anatomy and Taxonomy, CAD & BIM modeling tools, and urban ecology. In the second year, you’ll dive into sought-after modules like Hardscape & Softscape design, Urban Horticulture Technology, Urban Landscape & Nursery management, as well as Plant Pathology & Entomology. The final year encompasses essential concepts in Landscape Project Management, Leisure & Park Management, and hands-on projects, including the final semester internship.

Admission Requirements:

To join the LDH Diploma, aspiring students should have GCE ‘O’ level grades in English Language (Grade 1-7), Mathematics (Grade 1-7), and Grade 1-6 in one approved relevant subject. Additionally, Nitec and Higher Nitec graduates can also apply for this course, provided they meet the minimum net GPA requirements of 3.5 and 2.0, respectively.

Please note that graduates of Nitec in Urban Greenery and Landscape, as well as Higher Nitec in Landscape Management & Design, are eligible to apply for the LDH course through JPAE. Additionally, Nitec graduates in Facility Technology (Landscaping Services) can also apply for this course.

Exciting Career Prospects:

LDH graduates open doors to a wide array of exciting career opportunities, including roles as Horticulturists, Park Officers, Landscape Designers & Project Executives, Nursery Supervisors, and Turfgrass Specialists, among others. With your newly acquired expertise, these diverse roles await you with open arms.

NAFA’s Diploma in Landscape and Architecture

If you’re looking to establish a strong foundation in design skills and architecture theory, with a focus on studio work before pursuing a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) degree from NUS, then Diploma in Design (Landscape and Architecture) from NAFA’s school of 3D Design is an ideal choice for you. Considered one of the most comprehensive courses in Singapore, this double major course caters to both aspiring landscape and architecture professionals.

NAFA's Diploma in Landscape and Architecture Student's Graduation Showcase
Image Credit: Facebook @NAFA (NAFA’s Diploma in Landscape and Architecture Student’s Graduation Showcase)

A Unique Advantage in Admission:

This exceptional course stands out as the only one on our list that gives talented applicants with a flair for Artistic Talent and Creativity an edge during the admission process. The merit-based selection considers a portfolio submission or Drawing from observation as part of the admission test, going beyond the usual educational qualifications.

Minimum Educational Qualifications:

Successful completion of Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level (Aggregate score of 25 points or better in 4 GCE ‘O’ Level subjects, excluding English, with the option to gain up to 2 CCA bonus points), Singapore Integrated Programme, School of The Arts (SOTA), or a full-time Higher Nitec or Nitec ITE course are the minimum educational qualifications required for this course.

Comprehensive Course Modules:

The course modules focus on fundamental skills in landscape and the built environment, preparing students for a rewarding profession in landscape design. Sought-after modules include Visual Arts, Drawing fundamentals, 2D/3D design & techniques, CAD skillset, Design communication, and Design Studio projects in Landscape and Architecture. In addition to Design studio projects, students gain valuable experience through hands-on industrial attachments, real-life client industry projects, a 2-4 weeks overseas attachment, and internship training with relevant professionals.

A Pathway to NUS BLA Degree:

Graduates of NAFA’s Diploma in Design (Landscape and Architecture) aspiring to pursue a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree at NUS will be delighted to know that they earn APCs (Advanced Placement Credits). This enables them to apply for module exemptions during the NUS BLA degree programme, streamlining their academic journey.

Diverse Career Opportunities:

For those eager to join the workforce, exciting career prospects await as an Architectural Assistant, Design Consultant, Spatial Designer, Urban Planning Assistant, or Landscape Designer.

NUS Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

The NUS Bachelor of Landscape Architecture stands out as the most sought-after landscaping course in Singapore, offering a premier pathway for qualifying graduates to achieve accreditation as practicing landscape architects in the country. This four-year Honours degree program provides an immersive experience, honing your skills and creativity under the guidance of top-notch faculty while propelling your landscape architect dreams onto the global stage.

NUS Landscape Architecture Students Presenting Site Analysis during Design Studio
Image Credit: Facebook @nus.larch (NUS Landscape Architecture Students Presenting Site Analysis during Design Studio)

First-Year Exploration: From the fundamentals of landscape architecture design to historical insights, the BLA program’s first year sets a strong foundation. You’ll dive into 3D modeling, spatial analyses, and the language of landscape architecture, honing your site observation skills along the way.

Advancing Your Expertise: As you progress into the second year, the BLA program delves deeper into GIS technology, site analysis, and advanced visual communication. Immerse yourself in the art of urban designing with a diverse range of plants, complemented by practical site engineering knowledge for landscape construction.

Third-Year Growth: Concepts of digitizing landscapes and ecological basics await you in the third year. Elevate your expertise by transforming existing infrastructure and embark on a minimum 12-week internship with a local landscape architectural firm registered with SILA.

Mastering Landscape Practice and Studies: The fourth year of the BLA program focuses on specialization in Landscape Practice and Landscape Studies, taking your skills to the next level. The program opens doors to numerous prestigious scholarships, exchange programs at renowned global universities, and exciting opportunities for growth and recognition.

Seize the Opportunity: GCE A-level, IB Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, and other high school graduates are eligible to apply for Year 1 of the 4-year BLA program at NUS. If you hold a Landscape Architecture Diploma, direct admission into the second year is possible with fulfillment of necessary criteria for APCs.

Showcase Your Creativity: Shortlisted candidates with a Diploma in Landscape Architecture or Landscape Design & Horticulture from local Polytechnics undergo a rigorous selection process, including an interview with a portfolio showcasing their creative work.

From lush dreams to reality, Singapore’s landscape design and architecture courses offer a green gateway to greatness. Nurture your creativity and shape mesmerizing spaces today!

[Disclaimer] The information provided in this article serves as general informational purposes only. For the most up-to-date and accurate details, please refer to the official institute’s website.

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