Best Rated IMAX Screen Theatres in Singapore

By Ravi

Looking for the best IMAX-screen theatres in Singapore for an amazing cinema experience? Then find complete details about all the IMAX cinemas with facilities like 2D, 3D, and laser halls, location address, hotline number, ticket price in SGD, seat availability, screen size/aspect ratio, and parking fees.

Some movies are best experienced in an IMAX Theatre, and one cannot just miss that movie-going experience. Though there are many reputed and large cinema screen theatres in Singapore, SHAW became the name synonym with best IMAX screens, with five of its nine Theatres attracting crowds for all the major blockbusters.

Major studio films are released each year for IMAX Digital, IMAX with Laser and the original IMAX 70mm format. True square screen size are rare with dimensions of 30m (W) x 23 m (H).

Usually, a typical IMAX screen’s dimensions are 22 meters wide x 16 meters in Height (72 feet by 52 feet). Still, Digital screens are a tad smaller in size, as evident from all the Digital IMAX Screen sizes in Singapore listed below.

List of Biggest IMAX Screen Theatres in Singapore2024

Screen NameScreen Size/Dimensions
IMAX Shaw LidoWidth 19m x  Height 9.5m
IMAX Shaw PLQSmaller than Shaw Lido
IMAX Shaw Waterway PointWidth 18m x  Height 10m
IMAX Shaw JCUBEReported Smallest in SG
IMAX Shaw JewelReported 2nd Smallest in SG

So if you fancy an excellent cinematic experience at a highly affordable price, check out these state-of-the-art cinema halls in Singapore, where pictures come alive and fully immerse yourself in the reel world. A regular movie ticket in Singapore usually costs between SGD $8 to $11. In comparison, an IMAX ticket costs anywhere between SGD $17 to $23 each, depending upon Location, IMAX 2D/3D Format, day of the week, Off-hours/Peak-hours timing and Halls promotional offers.


MoviesBooking Status
Kingdom Of The Planet Of The ApesNow Showing in IMAX
Furiosa: A Mad Max SagaMay 22, 2024
A Quiet Place: Day OneJune 27, 2024
TwistersJuly 18, 2024
Deadpool & WolverineJuly 25, 2024

Shaw Theatres Lido & IMAX

  • Address: 350, Orchard Road, 5th/6th Floor, Shaw House, Singapore 238868
  • Opening Date: 19 May 2011
  • Number of Screens: 11
  • Total Seating Capacity: 1,960
  • Number of seats in Shaw Lido IMAX Hall: 423 including 2 Wheelchair seats
  • IMAX Shaw Lido Screen Size: Width 19m x  Height 9.5m
  • Stadium Seating: Yes
  • Laser: NO
  • Ticket Price: Adult – SGD $17.00
  • Wheelchair Berths: Seat Number OH2, OH1 (in the front row)
  • Nearest MRT Station: Orchard MRT Station
  • Parking Fees: 03:01 AM to 06:00 PM (SGD $2.00 for first hour and SGD $1.50 for subsequent half hour), 06:01 PM to 03:00 AM  on next day (SGD $4.00 per entry)
  • Season Parking Rate: SGD $545.70 per quarter (Non-reserved), SGD $642.00 per quarter (Reserved)
  • Remark: Lido IMAX was Singapore’s 1st IMAX’s Digital Theatre System and the 1st to screen IMAX 3D blockbusters in Singapore

Shaw Theatre Lido has 11 movie halls, seven of them being digital halls, including Digital 2D, 3D and IMAX 2D/3D options. The IMAX Hall in Shaw Theatre Lido is one of the biggest IMAX Screen in Singapore, with its entrance at the bottom right of the hall, so ticket-holders have to make their way up to their seats. Shaw Theatres LIDO IMAX has a seating capacity of 421 for IMAX 2D format and 319 for IMAX 3D movies (excluding wheelchair seats).

Shaw LIDO IMAX hall is equipped with the IMAX 12-channel Dolby sound system and features a stadium seating arrangement for a better viewing experience for all. The dual projectors in IMAX Digital theatres ensure HD image resolution with brighter pictures.

The entire online IMAX movie ticket booking is also very seamless and hassle-free. Cinema-goers can also choose to select add-ons during online ticket booking on the official SHAW sg site (typically, a large popcorn combo can be charged at $10.20 while a regular popcorn combo will cost you $7.90). A small Convenience Fee of $1.50 will be added to the final checkout, where customers can choose between Mastercard/VISA and AMEX (American Express) as their preferred payment method.

Shaw Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) & IMAX

  • Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road, #05-02 Paya Lebar Quarter, PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057
  • Theatre Opening Date: August 2019
  • Number of Screens: 12
  • Total Seating Capacity:
  • Number of seats: 169including 2 Wheelchair seats
  • Screen Size: Smaller than Shaw Lido
  • Stadium Seating: Yes
  • Laser: YES
  • Ticket Price: Adult – SGD $17.00 ($20 for peak)
  • Wheelchair Berths: Seat Number AH2, AH1 (in the back row)
  • Nearest MRT Station: Paya Lebar MRT station
  • Parking Fees: The entrance to PLQ Mall’s carpark is located under Park Place Residences. For motor vehicles Mon-Sun: 06:00 AM – 05:59 PM (SGD $1.95 / hr), 06:00 PM – 05:59 AM (SGD $3.00 / entry); For motorcycle: Mon-Sun all day (SGD $1.50 / entry).
  • Remark: Shaw PLQ was the 1st DTS:X sound capable cinema hall in Singapore

Shaw Theatres PLQ is situated on Level 5 (#05-02), of the PLQ Mall, and was the 5th IMAX theatre opened in Singapore. This Shaw Theatre in Paya Lebar Quarter has an opening hours of 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.

The Movie theatre has a total of 12 screens, comprising an IMAX hall, 2 premium “Lumiere” screens and 9 screens with laser projectors. According to the official IMAX site, IMAX at PLQ and Jewel are the only two Theatres in Singapore having IMAX with Laser.

Like Shaw Lido IMAX, Shaw PLQ IMAX also has the patented theatre geometry and stadium seating to maximises your field of view and deliver an immersive movie experience. The dual 4K projection system combined with IMAX’s latest 12-channel sound technology at this IMAX Hall guarantees more sharper & brighter image with pitch-perfect audio. On top of that Student and seniors can avail promotional discount on ticket prices in off-peak hours on weekdays.

Apart from that, the premium “Lumiere” screens at this theatre offers a luxurious movie going experience with only 30 seats (2 wheelchair seats) arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration for wider legroom, and features comfy leather recliner seats fitted with an ergonomically shaped backrest. The Ticket pricing for “Lumiere” screens at Shaw PLQ can vary between SGD $18.00- $23.00 for Lumiere Digital, and SGD $21.00- $26.00 for Lumiere 3D.

Shaw Theatres Waterway Point & IMAX

  • Address: 83, Punggol Central, #B2-11, Waterway Point, Singapore 828761
  • Theatre Opening Date: 21 January 2016
  • Hotline Number: 6385 8283
  • Number of Screens: 10
  • Total Seating Capacity: 1450
  • Number of seats: 225including 2 Wheelchair seats
  • Screen Size: Width 18m x  Height 10m
  • Stadium Seating: Yes
  • Laser: NO
  • Ticket Price: Adult – SGD $17.00
  • Wheelchair Berths: Seat Number AA-H2, AA-H1 (in the back row)
  • Nearest MRT Station: Punggol MRT Station
  • Parking Fees: Mall Parking rates are SGD $1.40 for 1st hour or part thereof, and SGD $0.70 for every subsequent half hour or part thereof. Motorcycle parking is charged SGD $1.00 per entry
  • Remark: 1st Multiplex in Singapore located at a basement level

Shaw Theatre Waterway is situated in the East Wing, #B2-11 of the Waterway Point Mall, and was the 3rd IMAX Screen opened in Singapore after Shaw IMAX Lido & IMAX JCube. The IMAX Screen is located in Basement 2 and has an opening hours of 9.30AM to 12:00AM on (Monday to Thursday, Sunday & Public Holidays), while it opens for business from 9.30AM to 3:00AM on (Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays).

This multiplex is known for its great ambience, plenty of food choices, clean amenities and convenient Mall location in North-East Singapore. The perfect synergy between IMAX, Dolby eight-channel surround audio system and RealD 3D systems, brings more depth and realism for cinephiles. Though the smaller screen size than IMAX Lido can be a little off-putting for some people who wish to experience a mad-for-IMAX movie on the biggest possible IMAX screen Theatre in Singapore.

Shaw Theatres JCUBE & IMAX

  • Address: 2, Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #04-11, Singapore 609731
  • Theatre Opening Date: April 2012
  • Hotline Number: +65 6684 4120
  • Number of Screens: 7
  • Total Seating Capacity:
  • Number of seats: 161including 2 Wheelchair seats
  • Screen Size: Smallest Shaw IMAX (citation needed)
  • Stadium Seating: Yes
  • Laser: NO
  • Ticket Price: Adult – SGD $20.00
  • Wheelchair Berths: Seat Number CH-2, CH-1 (in the back row)
  • Nearest MRT Station: Jurong East MRT Station
  • Parking Fees: Mall Car Park (341 lots) are located in Basement level B2 & B3. And the parking charges from 3.30am to 5.59pm are SGD $1.30 for the 1st hour and SGD $0.40 for every subsequent 15 mins. From 6pm – 3.29am the parking fees is SGD $2.50 per entry. For Motorcycles the Parking fee is SGD $1.30/entry.
  • Remark: It was the 2nd IMAX Screen theatre opened in Singapore after IMAX LIDO

Shaw Theatre JCUBE has become the go to choice for movie-goers in West Singapore near the Jurong & Bukit Batok area. The Cineplex is located in Unit #4-11 at level 4 of JCUBE Mall. This theatre & IMAX are conveniently reached via the nearby Jurong East MRT Station and offers a great range of Food & Beverage options to all the film-goers here (KFC and Soi Thai Kitchen are situated on the same level as the Cineplex).

Though the theatre here is a little small compared to some of the other Shaw theatres in Singapore, but the IMAX here still produces sharper images and effectively captures Goosebumps moments through simultaneous Dual Projection and Dolby 7.1 Surround systems.

Shaw Theatres Jewel & IMAX

  • Address: 78, Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, #B2-237, Singapore 819666
  • Theatre Opening Date: 17 April 2019
  • Hotline Number: +65 6235 2077
  • Number of Screens: 11
  • Total Seating Capacity:
  • Number of seats: 166 including 2 Wheelchair seats
  • Screen Size:
  • Stadium Seating: Yes
  • Laser: YES
  • Ticket Price: Adult – SGD $17.00
  • Wheelchair Berths: Seat Number AH2, AH1 (in the back row)
  • Nearest MRT Station: Changi Airport MRT station (Stop ID: CG2)
  • Parking Fees: Nearest carparks located at Terminal 1 Short-Term Parking level B2 & B2M. Short-term Parking Fee at level B2M and B2 is SGD $0.04 per min for the First 90 minutes and then for the Subsequent 30 mins or part thereof it is charged at SGD $5 per 30 minutes. Motorcycles and scooters are charged at SGD $1.30/day at terminal 1 car park.
  • Remark: Shaw Jewel IMAX was the first Cinema Hall is Singapore to feature “IMAX with Laser”.

Shaw Theatre Jewel is situated in the Jewel – Terminal 1, #B2-237 of the Jewel Changi Airport, and was the 4th IMAX Screen opened in Singapore after Shaw IMAX Waterway point. The IMAX Screen is located in Basement level 2 and has an opening hours of 09:00AM – 12:00AM on (Sunday to Thursday), and from 09:00AM – 03:00AM on (Friday-Saturday).

Shaw Theatre & IMAX at Jewel is situated opposite “Food Republic” and has one of the most diverse F&B Selection for film enthusiasts, including Old Chang Kee’s signature Curry’O, KAZO’s desserts, Burger King, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts, Auntie Anne’s, Subway, Song Fa Bak Kut The and Dian Xiao Er etc. located on the same level as Shaw Theatre.

The well-designed Shaw Theatres in Jewel has a total of 11 movie screens, featuring an IMAX with laser theatre, 2 premium “Lumiere” screens, an exclusive family-oriented “Dreamers” screen, and 7 regular screens. Now the IMAX Theatre here doesn’t have a full sized IMAX screen but as far as the magical IMAX experience is considered, Shaw Jewel IMAX gets a full points for capturing vibrant colours with brighter visuals (4K laser projection system), awesome spine chilling sound (12-channel sound system), to servicing and overall ambience.

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